Walk Your Own Path

w/ Shimshon Meir Frankel

Ready to start walking?

1. Talk Your Walk

Whether this is your first time walking your own path, or you’ve been feeling off track and want to find your way back, I invite you to reorient yourself, Talk Your Walk, and walk the life that you deeply value. 

Who Are You?
2. Walk Your Talk

Although your Antagonist appears to have it in for you, you’re starting to become more clever, and you’re developing the sensitivity necessary to continue on your path with greater confidence. Walking Your Talk entails effectively maintaining trajectory, gaining ground, staying positive, and utilizing your resources each step of the way.

The Confident You!
3. Walk Your Walk

Your Antagonist has a way of creeping back into your life, but you’re becoming more attuned to it, and you’re slowly developing a new relationship with it on your own terms. Although walking your own path is a personal pursuit, and your relationship with your Antagonist has proven itself to be somewhat tumultuous, your greatest opportunity for Authentic personal growth lies in the connection that you have with the people around you.

Thrive in Your Relationships!

If you're feeling off-track and are seeking direction, please be in contact with me.


Phone: 052-768-1945 (Israel), 516-823-7258 (US)

Skype: shimshonmeir.frankel

To discuss or to host an event (I’d be honored to bring Walk Your Own Path to your community), email me below.

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